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My name is Daniela

the soul behind the lens, transforming moments into everlasting dreams. Originally from the heart of Bulgaria and currently shaping narratives against the breathtaking backdrop of Las Vegas and the Mojave desert, I'm a professional photographer, specializing in natural light portraits and travel photography.


I embark on solo adventures to capture not just the beauty of distant lands but the essence of my own growth and transformation. Each solo adventure becomes a chapter in the story of my life – a story of courage, independence, and the sheer joy of being in the moment. 

Photography, to me, is more than just capturing moments; it's a way of weaving dreams into visual narratives. Born an artist, I find my true expression through the divine feminine, harnessing the energy of movement, deep emotions, and vulnerability in connection with nature. Having immersed myself in the art for eight incredible years, I've discovered the profound impact it can have on healing, both mentally and physically. 

nature is not just a setting.

It's my sanctuary, a healer, and an eternal muse. As a certified health coach and kickboxing trainer, my journey into photography began as a personal odyssey of self-discovery and healing. Each click of the shutter is a celebration of freedom, spirituality, and compassion.


Beyond photography, I'm a lover of laughter, hiking enthusiast, and someone who finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's painting, drawing, or writing, I've always sought to infuse my art with freedom and the liberating spirit movement. My dream is to make you feel enamored, to inspire positive feelings, and to capture the essence of your story. 


Let's create together! Whether it's a natural light portrait, a dreamy boudoir session, or a captivating travel adventure, I'm here to be your visual narrator. 


Servicing Las Vegas and the Southwest. Available to travel. 

Your dreams, my lens.
let's make magic!

Red Rock portrait photoshoot with model lying on top of red rocks

"I've always wanted to be photographed the way I was by you and experience that.  And I leave knowing that every one on this damn planet should experience a photoshoot with you. You are not just a photographer; you are a healer. Thank you so very much."


Close up portrait of girl in the forest takeb by Daniela Blagoeva, portrait photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada

"This woman is THE BEST photographer I have ever worked with. I am a model signed to an agency and we frequently have to work with photographers to build our portfolios to book jobs, so I have worked with several at this point. But she still is THE BEST YET!! Her work is even in my modeling portfolio, she is that good!!"


Portrait of girl in tropical forest with shadows on her face taken by Daniela Blagoeva, Las Vegas based portrait photographer

Thank you so much, Daniela. A photoshoot with you really is medicine for the soul. I loved the entire experience. Thank you for making this so fun and sweet. I love your energy and I love your photos. Thank you forever.



NudaMag, Las Vegas Magazine,

NudaMag digital magazine about real bodies and real stories Issue Nine Cover created by Nude Yoga girl
NudaMag digital magazine page freaturing photography from Las Vegags portrait and fashion photographer Daniela Blagoeva, magazine issue number nine
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