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Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

I'm Daniela

Las Vegas portrait photographer.
health conscious.
On a personal growth journey.

- Sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudev

"Do not wait for miracles to happen. The greatest miracle in life is life itself." 


I wanted to see the sunrise today. Loved every moment. 

I often isolate myself in nature. It's healing for my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual self. 

Nature is my sanctuary. All the noise dissipates. Anxiety and fear fade away.

The mountain.


It's different up here. I feel different. More alive. More free. Connected. Connected to life. Connected to the Universe. Connected to myself. 

When you feel that flow of electric energy, you feel light as air; you let go of barriers and limitations. And find yourself naked under a waterfall, exhilarated, euphoric.

Time and space vibrate with energy of the highest frequency - love. 

"the present moment is all you ever have."

Mind, body, soul rejuvenation

I've lived in the Mojave Desert for over a decade. We didn't get along at first. Life has a witty sense of humor.

I learned that unhappiness doesn't arise from the circumstances of our life, but from the conditioning of our mind. It only took me 15 years. 

The desert. Dry and arid, or so it seems, can be quite beautiful and spirited.


I like to hike...a lot. I like to refract the beauty around me through the prism of my creativity and perspective. I like to inspire. 

Aztec sandstone mounds, colored red, orange and pink, eroded into many strange forms. 

"the energy behind your images is incredible. healing, uplifting, loving...I'm just taking it in."

-Marta Tibon, InnerArtistry

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